About Me

will chen

About Me

I was born in Taichung City, Taiwan and immigrated to the United States when I was six.  I have lived in California, Louisiana, and finally settled in Florida, where I have lived ever since.

I love the art of photography.  As a young child, I remember holding a film camera my father owned and was told to adjust the f-stop dials and aperture rings on the manual camera dials to get the best picture.  To me it all seemed so fascinating.

Over the years, I grew to love photography as it forced me to view the world in new and novel ways.  It spurs the creative process in me and forces me to find a unique perspective of the world.  I am currently living in Florida and have the opportunity to make wonderful photography locally.  I love traveling and exploring new places, using my photography to capture new experiences.

I chronicle all my travels using the Swarm app on my iPhone which live tweets new photos to my Twitter feed @willchen.us, if you would like to join me on twitter for my real-time photoblog project, please follow me at https://twitter.com/willchenus.

Please visit my iphoneography 1×1 square only gallery at http://www.willchen.us.

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